Feb 24, 2008

the last 18 of 78 Share-A-Squares for Charity

45 of 78 Share-A-Squares

Feb 23, 2008

15 of 78 Share-A- Squares for Charity

I had to edit some of the pictures so that they could be seen but here are all 78 squares. I took pictures of all of them before packing them up to be shipped off.If you have been thinking about making something for charity, I say go for it ! Not only was thisproject easy to do and a great way to use up some of my yarn stash but it gave me great satisfaction to do something nice for some one else.

Feb 22, 2008

Grand total on squares.

Sorry for such a late update . I managed to make a grand total of 78 squares !

They were put in the mail on January 11,2008. A couple of days later to my suprise I recieved a thank you card in the mail from the lady in charge ! It really made me feel good that I could do something nice for someone else.

I am working on finally putting the finishing touches on the photos so I can post them here.