Nov 18, 2007

Progress on squares : 11/18/07

As promised I am posting my progress on making squares for the kids with cancer project. As of 11:04am , I have made 41 squares so far. Sadly to report I have not made a dent in my yarn stash yet but I am still working on it.I will post again after Thanksgiving because with all the cooking I probably wont get a change to crochet any. Have a safe , blessed and Happy Thanksgiving !

Nov 7, 2007

Crocheting For A Cause....

I belong to a crochet forum.. and I was browsing around today and ran across a way to use up my leftover yarn and support a great cause.
I invite you all to check out :

I am going to crochet some squares while:
1) Watching t.v
2) Talking on the phone
3) just sitting on the couch or
4) anytime I have avaliable
and then I will follow the guidlines posted for the squares and send them to the person that is in charge of this project.
From there she will put all the squares together that she has collected into a beautiful afghan (with help from other volunteers of course)and send it to a child with cancer.

Now how easy does that sound? This is my first project ever of this type so I will post my progess as I go along.

Please visit the links above and join in the fun.