Jul 19, 2007

Free Pattern...Coffee Mug Holder

This is my own original pattern. If you run into any problems please let me know. Enjoy!

Crochet Coffee Mug Holder
Designed by: Melinda
Materials:H crochet hook
worsted weight yarn15 oz.
clean empty can
polyester filling
Ch 4, join with sl st into ring, ch 1( Note : sc in sl st sp after joining each round )
Rnd 1: 8 sc in ring, join with sl st into top of first sc, ch 1
Rnd 2: 2 sc in sl st sp and in ea sc around- 16sts
Rnd 3: sc around
Rnd 4: 2 sc in ea sc around- 32 sts
Rnd 5: sc in ea st around
Rnd 6:* sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next * around- 40 sts
Rnd 7: sc around in bk lps only
Rnds 8-24: sc around( Option for rnd 10 : sc in next 2 scs start making letters or symbols in next sc)
Rnd 25: sc in bk lps only around
Rnd 26: sc around
Rnd 27: sl st around, join to first sl st, fasten off weave in all loose ends
Ch 4
Rnd 1 : 6 sc in ring, join to first sc, ch 1
Rnds 2- 18: sc in ch 1 sp and in each sc around- 6 sts fasten off
Stuff handle lightly with filling and sew into desired place on cup.
Place can inside coffee mug and place rws 26 and 27 inside can to cover rim where lid was cut off. Enjoy !
6/17/2007 7:00 PM
Copyright 2007 All rights reserved
P.S. I will come back later and post the gauge for the pattern.

Ripple Afghan

I have been busy working on multiple projects at one time since my last post. I really must learn to finish one project before I start another one. I have several projects that I will be posting here once they are completely finished. The photo here is of a ripple afghan I made a couple of months ago ,lying across my queen sized bed, and I finally finished sewing in the loose ends.
There are two things I learned while working on this afghan, (1) I learned the hard way why they say always buy enough yarn to finish a project. I started out with some burgundy yarn I already had and then I ran out so I went and bought some more burgundy , although it was the same color and lot number, it was a lighter shade than what I started out with. (2) It is much easier to weave in the loose ends as you go than to save it all for last...well it is for me.

Now that I finally have it finished all i have left to do is measure it so that I can put it up for bid online. I hope the buyer enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.
You can now bid on this afghan on
ebay. Happy bidding !