Jul 27, 2012

My response for the Purple Stitch Project

I participated in the Purple Stitch Project and decided to give my items to our local hospital. This was my first time actually giving to a stranger in person so I was really nervous. I guess you could say I have a bit of a problem, I always worried about if the person my item is for is going to like it or not and 99% of the time if I don't like it, I will frog it and start over. Today I delivered my items, I made 2 purple lapghans, and I was really suprized at the reaction I recieved. The leader of the group and the ladies behind the desk kept complimenting my work and I think I may have blushed a little bit but it made me feel so good inside just to know that I made something that was admired and appreciated. That was the highlight of my day today. Needles to say, I will be making more every month for the group! Have a safe and happy weekend!

Mar 31, 2011

My 16 point RR pattern

I have been trying to balance work,school and home since I last posted.
I am now coming to the end of my second semester at our local community college.Thereafter, I plan of picking up my crochet hook and yarn and resuming what I love to do.

Thanks to my friends at Crochetville for all their help and support with helping me write my first pattern.Now avaliable here

Mar 20, 2010

A Stormy Saturday Morning!

The last time I posted it was a relaxing Sunday morning and today it is the opposite.
I don't get to post as much as I should but hopefully one day that will change.

As for me I am still working outside the home full time, taking care of my 3 daughters and husband and trying to maintain my house work. When ever I can I always squeeze time in to pick up my yarn and crochet hook.

I have had a couple of sales from my Etsy store, although I do have alot of items to list. I really do believe you have to work at it like another job to be successful.

So with that being said, I am trying to get myself organized to where I can accomplish some of my goals.I am also trying out some other programs but it is way to early to tell if they are going to work or not.

Between my day job,my family, my Etsy store and my blog, I am always trying to come up with new things to create.Well time to get started on my to do list,thank goodness I am off today!

In my world it seems like there is just not enough hours in the day !

Nov 8, 2009

A beautiful relaxing Sunday !

Here in Texas it is nice and cool.After taking apart, ( which I will never do again), and cleaning my keyboard after the kids spilled milk in it, I deceided to take the day off and relax. I have my day all planned out, I plan on crocheting and drinking my coffee all day long.

I found a beautiful Star afghan pattern that I had to make. I will post the pictures and links after I am done.Until next time, live each day to the fullist and be blessed!