Jul 27, 2012

My response for the Purple Stitch Project

I participated in the Purple Stitch Project and decided to give my items to our local hospital. This was my first time actually giving to a stranger in person so I was really nervous. I guess you could say I have a bit of a problem, I always worried about if the person my item is for is going to like it or not and 99% of the time if I don't like it, I will frog it and start over. Today I delivered my items, I made 2 purple lapghans, and I was really suprized at the reaction I recieved. The leader of the group and the ladies behind the desk kept complimenting my work and I think I may have blushed a little bit but it made me feel so good inside just to know that I made something that was admired and appreciated. That was the highlight of my day today. Needles to say, I will be making more every month for the group! Have a safe and happy weekend!


Linda said...

I know the feeling of inadequacy all too well; I go through that every time I share an item. Even when you think your project turned out pretty good, you still wonder if others will think so too. From what I see in your photos you have nothing to worry about - you do awesome work!

melindascrochetbits said...