May 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished !

Today I started listing items in my Etsy store. I already like Etsy because it is very easy to list your items. I only have patterns listed right now but I have alot more to add. The people there are nice also. I already have a friend to critique my store and give me advice and vice versa.I am so excited about having a store. I hope I do well.

I also was able to complete a project I have been working on for months. The project was not hard or anything, I just didn't pick it up. From this experience I remember why I don't start several projects at once.Something is not going to get done.

I have alot of project ideas I would like to create so when I have time outside of work and family life,I will be working on them as well.

Please feel free to come browse my store anytime.

Until next time be safe and enjoy each day you are blessed with!

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