Jul 2, 2006

My first Tunisian crochet project

    I love to venture out and try new things. So I had this brilliant ideal to teach myself how to use this weird,long , green ,double hooked needle I had buried under my yarn stash. Well , after searching the net I found out it was exactly what it looked like..a double hooked crochet needle. So then my second question was..what in the world do you make with this long thing ? Well see now , this is where it gets interesting, I had a brilliant idea.

    It is about 1 week before school lets out for Christmas break in 2005 .I decided to make scarfs with the first initial on both sides for the ladies at work as Christmas gifts. Without a pattern for a scarf , I sat down with my alphabet charts, my needle, yarn and my cup of coffee and got to work.

   After staying up late night after night, I had yet completed another project. When we returned to work from Christmas break, Jan. 2006 , I had the pleasure of sitting down at lunch and hearing all the great stories of what their friends and family said about their scarfs. The story that topped them all was this one.. one of the ladies husbands asked her where she bought that scarf at with her initial on it and she replied' " I didn't. Melinda made it for me for Christmas."

    If I wouldn't have gotten anything else for Christmas that year, those stories would have been enough for me ! It wasn't until later I learned that the double hooked needles are used to make double faced fabric such as blankets with a different color on each side.

So, the next time someone gives you an item knitted, crocheted or anything handmade, know that it took alot of time, love, patience, and sometimes money to create such a masterpiece regardless of the size of it.

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