Jul 3, 2006

W.I.P - Dora afghan

W.I.P stands for Work In progress.
   I am currently knitting a Dora the Explorer afghan for my youngest daughter.The graph can be found here. This is a first attempt on making something like this with so many colors.I wanted to learn a new stitch so I ventured out to learn the Intarsia method. If you scroll down the page some,on the link, you will see it right under How to knit with two colors.
   Well, up until recently, I found out I was doing this method completely wrong. So instead of the intarsia method I am doing regular knitting with a basketweave edge. This is what I have completed as of today.
          Well, I think I have made up for lost time.Everything I have made, thus far, that I took pictures of are now posted.If I should run across anymore, I will post them here.Until next time..thanks for viewing my blog.


tyrone said...

this is very nice.

Robin said...


I love WIPS, I have tons of them at home lol.

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Andi said...

Very nice job!!

Anonymous said...

Hi i was wondering if you still had this pattern, the link no longer works but i know a little girl who would love this!

Many thanks, Carcacol

melinda9723 said...

I just tried the link and it worked for me.If you still can't get it let me know and I will post the link for you.