Sep 14, 2008

From Crochet to Knitting !

I finally finished the project I have been working on yesterday. I will be posting pictures of them at a later date. I still have to write a final copy of the patterns and then decide if I want to try and sell the patterns or just post them as free patterns. Since I am not working anymore , have a baby due in a couple of days, and my yarn stash is getting low, I may just offer them for a small fee so that I can buy more yarn.
Today I decided to pick up my knitting needles and try to make a pair of socks. I only have one sock made so far so we shall see what the finished product looks like after I get the other one complete. I am making a couple of pair of socks for a friend that is having a baby next month and a few pair for my baby which is due next weekend. Well I have to run to get the socks complete so that I can start on the bibs but until next time.....Happy Crocheting !

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